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            Want some religious reading for the summer?  Something that may not take too much time away from your outside work and play?  How about 1-2 minutes of Bible reading twice a week on your cell phone, pad, tablet, or computer?  That shouldn’t cut into too much of your time.  On May 10 we plan to start sending a short important Bible quote to an email list along with a brief paragraph of explanation.  We’ll try to include quotes from each of the books of the Bible, though the lengthier and more meaningful books will be the source for more quotes.  The idea is for you to learn more Scripture and check the passage and study the fuller context for that section or chapter if you wish.  We can also answer questions you may have by email.  Whether you’ve had extensive study of the Bible before or whether you are new to Scripture study, the quotes should enable you to become acquainted with some of the important sections of the Bible.  As always we will give the Catholic interpretation of any passage.  These will usually be sent out on Wednesday and Saturday by Phil Chenier, a parishioner at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Hastings, who has had many years of training and experience teaching Bible studies.  All you need to do is to send your email address to and we will add you to the list.  On the subject line put Bible Quotes.  Please do this by May 10 and you won’t miss a single quote!  If there’s enough interest we’ll continue this in the fall.  You can stop getting the emails anytime if you notify us.  Thanks for your interest.



At home study:  The Bible Page

Many of you may be interested in improving your understanding of the Bible if you could read Scripture at home and have some guidance as to how to start, how to interpret, and how to help your spiritual life in many ways.  The Bible Page is an attempt to promote home Bible reading by Catholics, encouraging you to read one or two chapters a week in the Bible on a more consistent basis and then get some guidance from the Bible Page on what was important in those chapters and how you can get your faith life improved by this reading.  The Bible Page also gives you an opportunity to ask questions by email when there is a need.  There are no meetings to attend.               

Each week, usually on Saturdays, a one-page document is sent out by email to you explaining what one or two chapters in the Bible mean and the significance to us in our everyday lives.  This program has been sent to over 200 persons including some in England and Africa and I have gotten excellent feedback on its usefulness.  It has been offered through St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Parish for four years and a more recent list open to other parishes has been going for two years.  We have started a third group and anyone from any parish is welcome to join.  All of the Bible Pages are checked by a priest to be sure they are in accord with Catholic Church teaching.  Cross references are given for further study to other books of the Bible and to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.               

If you are interested in beginning to receive the Bible Page each week all that is needed is to send an email with your name, email address, and name and location of your parish to me at either or  Mention the Bible Page in the email subject line.  This information is held in confidence.  There is no cost and no obligation.  You can discontinue this service at any time.  If you have questions on the subjects discussed you can email me and I will try to answer them as best I can.  I have many years’ experience in Scripture study and have led groups for over ten years.  I took a four-year course in Catholic Bible study.  I hope you will consider signing up.

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